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DBAs Discontinued for September 6, 2016

A business is no longer operating under the name listed.   14624 Principal: 23, MACH THONG WONDER NAILS Principal: MACH, THONG 14464 Principal: 23, BROCKSOPP KATHY PRO TOUCH Principal: BROCKSOPP, KATHY ANN 14589 Principal: 23, LONGO MIKE 14606 Principal: 23, NITTI LOUIS 14607 Principal: 23, BLOCHER JENNIFER 14613 Principal: 23, AL SERHANI ARWA 7D-ZERO Principal: LONGO, MIKE 7D-ZERO Principal: NITTI, LOUIS JR LA MECCA Principal: BLOCHER, JENNIFER L RAWA DELI Principal: AL SERHANI, ARWA S 14623 Principal: 23, RANDLE PATRICIA LIBERTY    PROPERTY  SERVICES Principal: ...