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New York state court officials postpone trials

New York state court officials have announced that civil jury trials where opening statements have not by Monday will be postponed until further notice to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Criminal jury trials will continue where jeopardy has attached. No criminal jury Civil trials already started wil continue and no new criminal jury trial will start.

The jury selection process in civil and criminal matters will be suspended until further notice. Existing grand juries will continue, under consultation with the district attorney and empaneling judge.

No new grand juries will be empaneled without exceptional circumstances.

There is a one week moratorium on evictions in New York City subject to review and continuation.

A restriction on non-essential travel for Unified Court System employees has been imposed. And all meetings of Unified Court System employees should be conducted, if possible, via Skype, videoconferencing or teleconferencing.

State officials have also imposed restrictions on other parts of the court system due to the pandemic.