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Amy S. Warner

Rochester RHIO

Rochester RHIO General Counsel Amy S. Warner feels her professional path was set for her at a young age. Not specifically her law career, mind you, but the desire to help others.

“My grandmother raised me, and she raised me to be a caretaker,” Warner explains. “So I had an interest in the law at a young age, and had an interest in helping people.”

“Through a legal avenue, I was able to use my skills to help people.”

Warner went on to get her law degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale and spent time working as an attorney in Broward County, Florida, and in Monroe County before joining Rochester RHIO.

Her work for Rochester RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization) mainly deals with a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. In this case, it’s ensuring that health records for patients have more information.

“The more information providers have, they can use and provide access to other providers offering treatment,” Warner says. “You don’t have to get multiple X-rays for the same issue, for example.”

This also requires that certifications are up to date and meet a national standard.

“We go through a lot of audits to ensure our policies are up to date,” she adds.

Apart from the office, she’s an active advocate for organizations like Lifespan, along with putting together mock trial teams for local high schools.

That advocacy is something she’s passing down to her daughter, Madison.

Warner’s grandmother liked to volunteer at nursing homes, and now the younger Warners carry on her legacy, in a manner of speaking.

“We go and serve as an advocate on behalf of the residents of these places,” she explains. “If they have a concern and are afraid to raise it, they can come to you with an issue and you can resolve it.”

—Jim Barg