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MCBA President’s Message: It’s time to start building and rebuilding relationships

Bradley Kammholz

Bradley Kammholz

I see the coming year as a time to work on relationships. As my friend Paul Richardson says: “being a lawyer is all about relationships — relationships with clients, witnesses, other lawyers, judges, and people in general.”

Before the pandemic, maintaining our relationships was hard enough. We were attached at the hip to our email and our phones. We were tied to our computer screens and could be very isolated in our offices. We had a tremendous amount of work, with increasing demands from clients. In short, we were having less and less time to work on our relationships. Then, the pandemic made it worse. We were closed off from one another. No more handshakes, and no more getting together in person to visit or even work.


I’m talking about your individual relationships with each other, as well as relationships between firms, legal service providers and law offices, lawyers’ relationships with the judiciary, and last but not least the MCBA’s relationships with each and every one of you.

It’s time to CALL each other, LISTEN to each other, GO TO LUNCH with each other, and most importantly, TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.

Take a lawyer under your wing and watch out for that lawyer. I’m talking about a young lawyer or a senior lawyer … the lawyer in the office next to you at your firm or the lawyer working alone in the suite down the hall … a lawyer that you think needs help or even one that you think is doing well (because you never know who’s hurting).

And if you need help, just call — we’re here to help. Call the MCBA. Call a fellow lawyer. Call me. We are all here to help. We’ve always been here to help — that has not changed!

I’ve always been so proud of how generous our legal community has been in helping one other. This includes our Bar Association. The MCBA has been a part of my life since the day I was admitted to practice in 1991. The organization has been there for me the whole way, helping me to meet friends and become the best lawyer and leader that I can be.

Over the years, I’ve seen the MCBA serve six vital roles for me: 1) helping me meet fellow lawyers; 2) teaching me how to be a better lawyer and leader; 3) supporting my employers and my own firm; 4) helping me with health and well-being issues; 5) working to end racism and other injustices; and 6) helping me fulfill my philanthropic pursuits through the Foundation and projects like Lawyers for Learning.

In the coming year, I look forward to ensuring that the MCBA continues to serve these functions for everyone. Whether it be holding multiple social events, putting on a leadership academy for young lawyers, developing a business academy for young partners/senior associates, hosting roundtables for firms on issues important to them, supporting RBBA and GRAWA, continuing our anti-racism work with the newly formed President’s Commission on Anti-Racism, or making sure that we continue to help lawyers in need, I look forward to the work ahead.

Our legal community and the MCBA are positioned today to HELP YOU more than ever. So, what is it that we can do for you? We value our relationship with you. And we’re here to help.

 Bradley Kammholz is the 2021-22 President of the Monroe County Bar Association and is a partner at Kammholz Rossi PLLC. He can be reached at