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Edward C. Radin

Edward C. Radinradin_e_pr

Member, Chair of Trust and Estate Department, Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC

Years in current role: 10 as member, 5 as chair of Trust and Estate Department

What do you enjoy most about practicing trusts and estates law?

First and foremost, it is interacting with clients and their other professional advisors during what is usually a very stressful time to bring structure, putting issues in context and providing comprehensive solutions, whether it is during the estate planning process, post mortem planning (estate or trust administration) or estate/trust litigation. Being an effective advocate and legal representation involves not only an analysis of the legal issues but also providing a clear, understandable and comprehensive path forward to accomplish the goals articulated by the client. I enjoy the role of the “trusted advisor” but also the role of zealous advocate. I imagine that the analytical nature of the issues and the “problem solving” are very fulfilling for me on a professional level.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve dealt with over the past year?

Obviously the easy answer is the impact of COVID on the provision of legal services. Moving to a completely remote environment in what should be considered a “people practice” was a challenge not only for the lawyers but also for the clients and the judiciary. Since a large part of my practice involves litigated trust and estate matters, the ability of the court system to adapt nearly overnight was also amazing to witness. With the availability of technology, and the more than able assistance of the people in our firm who provide technology assistance, I expect that to a large degree our clients found the “new normal” nearly on par with past experiences. We were able to provide essentially seamless continuation of legal services during this unexpected and challenging time.

What are you most looking forward to doing as COVID restrictions ease?

What I look forward to the most is to again be able to meet “in person” with our clients, other professional advisors and the judiciary. While I remain amazed at how everyone was able to adapt so quickly to the remote environment, there is no question that my professional practice most benefits my clients when we are able to interact in person and not via Zoom, Teams, Webex or whatever other video platform was being used, whether it is discussing an estate plan, administering an estate or trust, or advancing a client’s position in the context of a judicial proceeding. I like to think that the “new normal” will be the return to an environment which most benefits our clients.