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Jeremy Wolk

wolk-jeremy-jJeremy Wolk

Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

Years in current role:13

What do you enjoy most about practicing intellectual property law?

Its constant evolution and relevancy to contemporary culture and innovation. I was first introduced to licensing while working for the NBA at a time when players like Michael Jordan had first learned to monetize their personal brand. Later in my career, I served as GC for iVillage Inc., an online, print and television media company, and surfed the boom and bust of the .com industry while using my IP transactional experience to negotiate with little-known emerging companies like Google. Once acquired by NBC Universal, these skills afforded me the opportunity to advise the same people the world watched on primetime. Today, I get to advise clients creating the next “killer app,” making the latest fashion trend, automating massive product distribution centers and bringing the IOT to our lives.

What community organizations do you support as a volunteer and why?

I believe strongly that you cannot expect a community to improve from the sidelines, so I have and continue to serve with a number of organizations. At the Monroe Community College Foundation, we like to say that every student at MCC has a story, and I have seen first-hand the change in trajectory that its affordable education can offer — pulling people from poverty, breaking cycles and providing opportunity where there might otherwise be none. The JCC because it is the only place in Rochester where people aged 3 to 93 gather to teach one another, experience together and elevate the true spirit of community. Finally, the Center for Teen Empowerment, located in the heart of Genesee Street, implores youth to be agents for individual, social and institutional change.

What are you most looking forward to doing as COVID restrictions ease?

Taking a breath and not having to worry how my actions or the decisions of others might adversely affect the health of my unvaccinated young son and compromised wife. I look forward to dinner at a restaurant — inside — surrounded by healthy friends and family while nonchalantly toasting “we made it.”