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Frank B. IacovangeloFrank B. Iacovangelo

Partner, Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP

Years in current role: 25

What has been your biggest success over the past year?

I was consulted regarding an elderly gentleman who died without a Will and no written direction concerning his estate. He had no wife or children and no siblings. The only information we had was from his Death Certificate. My staff and I did a substantial amount of research using internet search engines, searching obituaries and cemeteries, contacting possible relatives and neighbors, etc. and we were able to put together a family tree. From that family tree, we were able to locate his legal heirs. We began an Administration proceeding and we are now very near to concluding this proceeding.

What advice would you give someone starting a Trusts & Estates practice right now?

There are many things about start a Trusts and Estates practice on must know.

  • Know your craft. Google is available to everybody who has a computer or smartphone to get some information. Legal advice is case specific.
  • When with a client, speak in their language, not Legalese. They need to understand you.
  • Give your clients what they need, not what you would like them to have.
  • Everyone you meet is a potential client. Next, they should not be left to guess whether you want them as a client. Tell them.
  • Invest in a good webpage.
  • Work hard and be humble.

What is one personal goal you have for the next year?

I have been a practicing attorney for 55 years. There is a substantial amount to know about law. It’s immense. One must read incessantly. I was an English major at St. John Fisher University, and I loved reading for pleasure. As an attorney, you do not get much time for that. I hope to get back to more non-legal reading. I have a few of Shakespeare’s works and would like to read a few more. I also play golf. I know that I cannot shoot my age, but I would like to break 90 again.