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Andrew P. Zappia

Partner, Troutman Pepper LLP

Years in current role: 3

What advice would you give someone starting an intellectual property practice right now?

In the IP field, I believe it is very important to have a multifaceted practice. We try to make sure our new team members not only do patent prosecution work, but also licensing, opinions, litigation support, and post-issuance proceedings, such as IPRs, PGRs, etc. New IP attorneys should push to get that type of broad experience because it will give them more options in their careers.

If you could practice one area of law that you haven’t practiced in your career, what would it be and why?

I represent several national media companies on IP and defamation/rights of publicity issues, but I have only touched First Amendment practice on the margins. It would be very interesting to expand my media experience to include more of a focus on free speech issues. With the massive expansion of media outlets of all types and the dominance of social media, we are testing and in some ways redefining the boundaries of free speech rights, and being more involved in those issues would be very interesting.

What is one personal goal you have for the next year?

We have a great team of IP attorneys and I hope to assist several of our junior team members as they advance to more senior positions in our firm. We do complex work and our major projects are always team efforts. Our team is the key to our success and making sure there are great opportunities for all our team members is a key personal focus for me this year.

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