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Charles P. Inclima

Attorney, Inclima Law Firm LLC

Years in current role: Over 40

What has been your biggest success over the past year?

In a very long and intensely litigated matter, we were able to successfully extricate our client from a situation wherein she was unable to proceed with her life post-divorce. It was accomplished by settlement at the start of what would have been a protracted trial and which would have had significant financial and emotional consequences to the client.

What are your expectations for the next 6-12 months?

Our expectations are to continue to serve our clients with the highest professional standards.

What advice would you give someone starting out in family law right now?

I would advise that in addition to always being a student of the law, that you never stop being compassionate and empathetic. Never forget to listen to what the client has to say, what is their perspective and what they believe. Do not drown them out with what you think, but listen to their version of the situation and difficulty they are in and frame your representation accordingly.

If you could practice one area of law that you haven’t practiced in your career, what would it be and why?

I would not want to practice in any other area. One of the wonderful aspects of matrimonial and family law is that it covers all practice areas from real estate, estates, pension and retirement benefits, executive compensation, debtor and creditor law, and significant taxation issues, as well as all aspects of civil litigation. Who could want anything more?

What do you enjoy most about the Rochester legal community?

I think that what I enjoy the most is that there is a sense of community, of collegiality and a willingness to help each other. I also enjoy how we treat our new and younger attorneys in giving them guidance, direction and hoping to engender in them a need for all of us to give back to this profession of ours.