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Another real estate investor alleges misdeeds by Kevin Burns

By: Kevin Oklobzija//November 20, 2023

349-255 Alexander St. on November 20, 2023. (Photo by Kevin Oklobzija)

Another real estate investor alleges misdeeds by Kevin Burns

By: Kevin Oklobzija//November 20, 2023//

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Another real estate investor who joined forces with Kevin Burns on the purchase of property in the city of Rochester alleges that he has been wrongly denied ownership deeds and that his former partner “has gone into hiding.”

MedfordRochester LLC, a Long Island-based entity managed by Rajan Vohora, contends that just under $600,000 was paid to Burns and Burns-managed LLCs for the title to two multifamily properties, but that the paperwork was never filed with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office.

Vohora alleges Burns in November of 2017 endorsed two checks — one for $294,000 for sole ownership of 349-355 Alexander St. and the other for $296,300 for ownership of 27 Buena Place — yet never transferred the property to MedfordRochester.

The claims were made in a complaint filed Thursday in state Supreme Court of Monroe County against KTB Capital VI LLC, BC Fund II LLC (aka, BC Fund 2 LLC), KTB Holdings LLC, 27 Buena Place LLC and KTB Capital LLC.

Thomas Knab, managing partner of Underberg & Kessler LLP, is representing Vohora. Knab also represents Daniel Braverman, Jeffrey Braverman and Jacqueline Braverman in legal actions filed in July and October against Burns and affiliated LLCs.

The Bravermans allege they are owed nearly $500,000 after some or all of their money invested for property was fraudulently diverted to other interests and not repaid. Daniel Braverman contends at least part of his investment money was used for the launch of Gentleman Farmer, a line of men’s grooming products operated by Burns and his wife Maude. Confessions of judgment have been filed with the court on behalf of the Bravermans.

MedfordRochester, through Vohora, said in court papers that its relationship with Burns began in 2009 with the purchase of a Gibbs Street property from the defendant. Burns’ management company, Grove Street Management, continued to provide services to MedfordRochester after that sale.

In 2017, negotiations for the purchase of the Alexander Street and Buena Place properties began, court papers say. Those transactions were completed later that year.

Grove Street Management also continued to provided management services for those properties until May of 2021.

It wasn’t until June of this year — after subsequent property purchases from LLCs managed by Burns — that Vohora learned that the titles for the Alexander Street and Buena Place properties were not controlled by MedfordRochester.

The complaint alleges that, “upon information and belief, Burns has gone into hiding” to avoid being served with papers by MedfordRochester and also by the Bravermans.

The Bravermans hired a private investigator to locate Burns, but attempts were unsuccessful. “…Burns could not be located at any of the addresses where he had been known to reside in the past or at any of the known addresses of his businesses,” the MedfordRochester lawsuit says.

The complaint says that “because Burns … has gone into hiding, MedfordRochester has no ability to complete the documentation of the Alexander Street property and Buena Place property transactions in the normal course of business.”

As such, the complainant is asking the court to declare MedfordRochester as property owner and that county and state records be corrected.

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