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Law practice management in the cloud
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-05-11
Software as a service (SaaS) is defined at Oracle.com as “ software delivery model in which a software firm provides daily technical operation, maintenance, and support for the software provided to their client.” And for those who don’t know otherwise, “cloud computing” is defined as a “type of computing that is comparable to grid computing,…
Should lawyers be wary of SaaS≠
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-08-24
Online services for lawyers are becoming increasingly common and, for many lawyers, are an attractive alternative to the traditional law practice management software installed and maintained on a local server within a law office. Online services available to attorneys now include law practice management systems, document management platforms, secure email networks, digital dictation services and…
Real-time Web a game changer
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-10-26
You’ll have to forgive me for having online technologies, including social media, on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been speaking about social media for lawyers quite a bit in recent months and am now enmeshed in the process of writing a book with Carolyn Elefant about social media for lawyers, which will be published…
Does cloud computing compromise clients≠
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-11-09
I predict that within about two to three years, lawyers in most jurisdictions will communicate and collaborate with clients using some type of an encrypted network. A number of states, including Massachusetts and Nevada, already have passed laws or regulations requiring certain types of confidential data to be sent electronically only via encrypted communications. More…
Is cloud computing really less secure≠
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-11-16
Cloud computing, defined at Webopedia.com as the “sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications,” is a buzzword that has many lawyers up in arms. For an even better description of cloud computing, watch this Common Craft video online at www.commoncraft.com/cloud- computing-video. Examples of cloud computing used by many…
Change is good
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-11-23
Last week I attended on a press pass the Canadian Bar Association’s “Law Firm Leadership Conference.” The conference’s theme was “Change Management” and, accordingly, the focus was on ways in which law firms can innovate, and thereby alter, the course of the profession. One of my all-time favorite legal scholars, Richard Susskind, spoke at the…
Is 2010 the year lawyers enter the 21st century≠
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-12-21
“We’re probably about five years into a 30-year cycle of transformation. … But there is simply no doubt that 25 years from now, when people reflect on the seminal changes of the early days of the century we are about to begin, the impact of networked computing will stand in relief.” — Lou Gerstner Many…
Focus on your online presence in 2010
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2009-12-28
“People don’t believe what you tell them. They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They always believe what they tell themselves.” — Seth Godin You’ve been reading my column for a while, haven’t you≠ So by now we must be friends, buddies, pals, right≠ Right. So listen…
Commentary: Don’t fear the cloud 
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2010-02-01
I am a staunch proponent of cloud computing and strongly believe it is the future of computing for the legal profession….
Intelligence, intuition on display at LegalTech New York
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2010-02-04
NEW YORK CITY — Thousands attended LegalTech New York this week in Manhattan ……
Commentary: You say you want an Internet revolution
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2010-02-05
To many lawyers, the Internet and the technologies that have sprung forth from it are mere child’s play….
Commentary: Useful online tools for litigators 
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2010-03-05
As I prepared to write my book about cloud computing for lawyers — which will be published later this year by the ABA — I researched different software programs that would make it easier ……
Commentary: N.C. bar to issue cloud computing report
Posted by: Nicole Black on 2010-04-09
The North Carolina State Bar has been asked by a member of its bar to determine whether her intent to use Clio, a Web-based practice management system, in her law practice violates that state’s ethics rules….

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