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Daily Print Edition

The Daily Record’s commitment to in-depth coverage of the issues facing our law community gives advertisers a high-quality, respected vehicle in which to position their marketing message.

Published each day, The Daily Record’s print edition is the medium of choice for successful print advertisers who need to reach Rochester’s upscale and educated legal professionals. When you advertise in the pages of The Daily Record, you put your organization directly in front of your target audience, strengthening your brand identity, helping you make that sale and positioning your business as the industry leader.

To learn more about The Daily Record’s print advertising programs, contact Suzanne Fischer-Huettner.

Ad placement opportunities

Run of publication: The Daily Record’s pages are filled with breaking news and feature stories about legal transactions, and the federal and state laws that shape our community. Single day and full week options are available.

Preprinted inserts

Preprinted materials may qualify for insertion in The Daily Record. Single-page inserts must be printed on 60-pound stock (minimum) and must not contain any blank sheets. Inserts may not contain any type of mailing indicia. All inserts must have prior approval; samples are required two weeks in advance of publication date.

Preprinted inserts must be received with packing slips, five business days prior to publication date. Packing slips must contain the insert name, date of insertion, quantity and total number of cartons.


The Daily Record is published daily. Space reservations for display advertising are due three days prior to publication. Camera-ready ads are due two days prior to publication.

Workup Deadlines

Display (print): Thursday at noon, eight days prior to publication date. No redesign of ads will be made after 5 p.m. on Monday.

Online: workups must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the appearance of the first ad.

Inbox Edition (email): One week prior to publication.

For specifications for camera-ready ads and to learn how to submit files electronically, contact Suzanne Fischer-Huettner.

Special features and supplements

Throughout the year, The Daily Record provides readers with unique stand-alone editorial supplements. Many of our supplements are produced in celebration of a special legal event, while others provide perspective and data on a number of legal issues. Subscribers tend to keep these pullouts and use them for reference throughout the year. In addition, advertisers benefit from increased circulation beyond our usual subscriber list and distribution—at events or for economic development purposes.

Please refer to our planning calendar for the most up-to-date listing of our feature publications. Space deadlines are generally four weeks in advance of publication date; however, some exceptions apply.


Print sponsorships

Sponsorship opportunities are available with some special supplements and resource directories as well as for events. Call the advertising department at (585) 363-7201 for details, or email Suzanne Fischer-Huettner.

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