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Joseph A. Regan

regan_joe_0063_gfphoto_2016-10-13Joseph A. Regan

Senior Counsel

Faraci Lange LLP


A TV show called “The Defenders” first piqued Faraci Lange senior counsel Joseph Regan’s interest in law, but it wasn’t until he was a young attorney up against Angelo Faraci that he developed his zeal for trial law, and for the firm where he’s worked for 38 years.

“The law never really stands still, so representing people means staying on top of legal developments and using the law with integrity to reach your client’s goal,” Regan said.

Regan, a graduate of St. John Fisher College and Cornell Law School, is a past co-chair of the Monroe County Bar Association’s medical liaison committee, and is an elected member and treasurer of the Rochester Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Rida Waqas, marketing and IT coordinator at Faraci Lange, who nominated Regan for The Daily Record honor, said, “We receive numerous testimonials about the exceptional care and respect he gives to his clients, going above and beyond for them and their case.”

He is a member of the American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, American Association for Justice and is a member of the advisory board of the Celebration of Life Community, Inc., a grassroots community organization assisting Rochester’s inner city residents and institutions.

“Through that group, I have seen that persistent, organized effort can have a great impact on the lives of many individuals,” Regan said.

Regan said that he takes every opportunity to speak to law students, and teaches them to use their real life experiences to create winning arguments.

“What can sometimes appear at the outset to be a losing case can, with some thought, be turned into a winning result. Don’t let fear of losing prevent you from seeing a case from all angles,” Regan said.