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Transforming PDFs with conversion software

The World Wide Word Processor may make the creation of documents the greatest advance since the Web, itself. Companies such as Google, Google Docs (formerly Writely) and Zoho, with limited-feature processing and collaboration tools that use the Web as a ...

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How to cope in the world of new employer sanctions

Compliance with hiring and employee retention obligations in immigration law, even in today’s enforcement oriented environment, is usually manageable if the employer learns the rules and tries in good faith to follow them. Sanctions against employers for hiring unauthorized workers ...

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Court Watch

The following case was recently decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit: CRIMINAL LAW Defendants’ sentences reasonable — ‘U.S. v. Crosby’ — ‘U.S. v. Booker’ In November 2001, defendants Art Williams and Roland Onaghinor were convicted ...

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