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Author Archives: Brad Frazer

Legal Advice: It’s the first $50K that kills you

Clients and potential clients inevitably ask some variant of the question, “Can I?” For example, “Can I copy these lyrics and use them in my novel?” Or, “Can I use this trademark even though someone else is already using it?” ...

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Software licensing and you

BOISE, ID – How many software licenses does your company have? Let’s start with the easy ones: Microsoft Windows for the PC-based computers in your organization, and iOS for the Apple products you own. Then we add the applications, like ...

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Commentary: So you have a business idea: now what?

Perhaps you have an idea that you are passionate about and really want to do something with. A better mousetrap or mobile phone app, or maybe clean safe practical working nuclear fusion. Then what? Experience teaches that almost everyone with ...

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Commentary: Protecting your Internet domain name

Guess who owns the Internet domain name Not Microsoft. Guess who owns Not Apple. According to a WHOIS lookup performed at domain name registrar on April 2, the registrant of is an entity named “Secaucus Group, ...

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Commentary: Protecting your brand online

Remember the Marlboro Man, that stalwart image of the American west? In addition to his iconic status as a symbol of ruggedness, he was used by the Philip Morris tobacco company to sell millions and millions of cigarettes from 1954 ...

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