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Handling the anxiety of being a solo lawyer

For lawyers, anxiety can be manifested as a prevalent feeling of unease – a knot in one’s stomach that won’t go away. On the far end of the spectrum, it can mean panic attacks and physical problems. (Thinkstock)

Every job has stress and pressure. But few professionals have an anxiety as an everyday companion the way lawyers do. A Johns Hopkins University study examined more than 100 occupations for anxiety-related issues and found that lawyers suffer from depression ...

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Private placement life insurance makes hedge funds less taxing

For affluent investors, hedge funds can be a powerful wealth management tool, offering attractive returns and broad diversification. However, hedge funds can be extremely tax inefficient. Typically, hedge fund earnings are taxed as ordinary income or short-term capital gain, at ...

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Young lawyers urged to establish a personal brand

‘If you are committed to getting out there and building relationships in your own way, according to what your personality will allow you to do, you don’t have to worry about the advertising and the sponsorships,’ John F. Reed, a Michigan-based legal marketer, said during a panel discussion at the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division’s Fall Conference last month in Detroit. (Michigan Lawyers Weekly)

  DETROIT – There are different ways for lawyers to market themselves and establish their personal brand. It’s just a matter of understanding your own personality, said John F. Reed of Rain BDM of Bloomfield Hills, which provides business development ...

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Five years in jail, with no end in sight

Two North Carolina brothers who have spent more than five years in jail for civil contempt have once again failed to convince a judge to set them free. Melvin Davis and LiCurtis Reels have a new attorney, James Hairston of ...

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An update on accountable care organizations

Medicare Accountable Care Organizations are groups of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers and suppliers who choose to come together to coordinate patient care. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has developed several ACO models under the Affordable ...

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On Mediation: So, what’s your BATNA?

I recently used a term – BATNA – that may not be familiar to everyone. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s no surprise. About a year ago I attended the Mediating the Litigated Case program at the Strauss ...

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Lawyers should speak up with confidence

Public speaking. It is enough to bring fear to the hearts of most people. Dogs, clowns, thunder, flying  — those are all common fears. But the fear that consistently tops lists of phobias is the fear of public speaking. Lawyers ...

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The power of authentic testimony

Prosecutor: “And what did you say to the 15-year-old girl after the competition?” Defendant (in a sexual molestation case): “I said, ‘You are a [expletive].’” Prosecutor: “What else did you say to the young girl?” Defendant: “I said, ‘You deserve ...

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Gender pay gap for lawyers remains

Despite findings showing large gains in pay for both equity and non-equity partners in law firms, a Major, Lindsey & Africa biennial Partner Compensation Survey also found that male partners earn, on average, 44 percent more than their female counterparts. ...

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Modern Marketing: Get to Know Gen Z

College admissions offices are already aggressively changing recruiting tactics to appeal to Generation Zs. Randstad North America is already advising employers how to manage the soon-to-be Gen Z-infused workforce. So who are Gen Zs and why are they starting to ...

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Litigation settlements: Don’t forget the tax aspects

In virtually every transaction an American undertakes, he or she has a silent partner, namely the Internal Revenue Service, and often a state revenue department too. That “partner” can often end up claiming up to half the deal. And, though ...

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