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Author Archives: Carolyn Nussbaum

MCBA President’s Message: MCBA helping lawyers adapt to a changed world

When I wrote my last column, in late February, I could not have foreseen the maelstrom coming at us that has changed our lives so fundamentally. Just a few weeks later, new terms and phrases now pepper our conversations: confinement, ...

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MCBA President’s Message: Busy holiday season highlights MCBA’s importance

Happy New Year! Unexpectedly, the final week of 2019 was not the usually uneventful lull between the holidays. First, the legal community was jolted with the startling announcement that now-former Justice Matthew Rosenbaum would decline to take office for a ...

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MCBA President’s Message: Gone but not forgotten: programs that make both Rochester and the MCBA special

Lately, I have been thinking about the unique attributes of the Rochester legal community. Many years ago, when I was interviewing at what was then Nixon Hargrave for a summer clerk position, Bob Witmer told me that Rochester was a ...

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