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Author Archives: Colin D. Ramsey

Civil Litigation: Are vaccine mandates legal?


Life is finally beginning to feel a bit more normal as our long journey out of the pandemic is hopefully nearing an end. Just last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo adopted the CDC recommendations regarding masks, and lifted many of the ...

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Civil Litigation: Representing a corporation: who is the client?

Colin Ramsey

In theory, the attorney-client privilege is pretty straightforward. A client retains an attorney, and thereafter that relationship is imbued with certain rights and benefits. These benefits include an expectation of confidential communications between attorney and client, as well as a ...

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Civil Litigation: Employing a ‘limited defense’ strategy

Talk to small business owners, and one of their biggest fears is becoming embroiled in litigation against their will, and over which they have little control. An even bigger fear is when the small business’ adversaries are multi-million or multi-billion ...

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Civil Litigation: Statute of limitations on exposure cases

As the potentially catastrophic health impacts from exposure to myriad chemicals, construction materials and other products becomes more evident, questions often arise as to when the statute of limitations accrues for exposures that may have occurred decades ago.

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The duties on school districts

It seems we can’t go more than a few weeks these days without hearing about a shooting or other act of violence at one of our nation’s high schools — or even middle or elementary schools. While in the immediate ...

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The ABCs of infant settlements — compliance and procedures

Settling a claim on behalf of an infant1 is significantly more involved than settling a claim on behalf of an adult. There are a number of procedural requirements that must be adhered to, and the failure to observe these requirements ...

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Liability Insurance Policies: Single vs. Multiple Occurrences

Nearly all liability insurance policies contain boilerplate language that limits the amount of money recoverable on a “per occurrence” basis. However, some confusion as to what constitutes an occurrence arises in instances such as chemical exposure or food poisoning cases, ...

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Disclosing The Results Of An Independent Medical Examination

When defending personal injury actions it is accepted practice for the defense to retain a physician to conduct an independent medical examination (IME). Obviously, the defense is hoping the findings of its IME physician are at odds with those of ...

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