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Author Archives: David Sanza

Second Circuit – Puricelli v. Republic of Argentina

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Certification of Class Aggregate Damage Awards – Second Circuit’s Mandate on Remand Puricelli v. Republic of Argentina 14-2104-cv(L) Judges Leval, Straub and Raggi Background: The defendants appealed from an order certifying expanded ...

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401(k)Talk: Going solo with a 401(k)

In the past, 401(k)s generally were not the retirement plan of choice for sole proprietors and firms that employ only the owner or the owner and his or her spouse.

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RMD suspension: Is there much value≠

Millions of Americans have seen the values of their retirement accounts shrink as investment markets teeter in response to the economic crisis. Especially hard hit are retirees who have taken withdrawals from their accounts, since liquidating investments to fund withdrawals ...

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Roth 401(k) slowly, but surely, finding its place

Despite a stumbling start, the Roth 401(k) feature appears to be gaining ground in the defined contribution plan space. Considering that more Americans will see the need to diversify their tax liability on retirement income, leading retirement experts commonly assume ...

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Form 5500 audit pain: Avoid the headache

The Form 5500 is the form used to report the status and activity of retirement plans to the IRS. It is used to determine whether a retirement plan is in compliance with all legal requirements. Any sponsor of an employee ...

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