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Author Archives: George W. Karpus

Money Management Second biggest investor mistake

Last year, I wrote an article outlining the biggest mistake I believe investors can make. I argued that investors who lack patience, discipline and the inability to stay the course are effectively challenging their own choices and trying to time ...

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Money Management: How to judge investment management

I believe the only way to judge the investment management of your assets is through analyzing your total returns: (1) adjusted for risk; and (2) net of all fees and expenses. Additionally, in this assessment, your returns should be evaluated ...

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Money Management: Investment reality check necessary for success

How has your investment portfolio performed net of fees and expenses? Are you comparing performance against other similarly invested portfolios or against all others? At the top of this second longest bull market which ended in September, were you over ...

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Money Management: Interest rate alert

The long term downtrend in interest rates that began 37 years ago is over from a technical standpoint as measured by the 30-year maturity U.S. Treasury. On Oct. 3, the 30-year U.S. Treasury yield broke the downtrend that started with ...

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Money Management: 2018 taxes and the markets

The 2016 election of Donald Trump awakened capitalism in the United States with hopes of less regulation and lower taxes for corporations. President Trump’s mandate that every new regulation must eliminate two regulations is a simple yet effective way to ...

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