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Author Archives: Gina Bliss

Fraud Facts: Fraud hits would-be Broadway production

I work at an accounting firm. Everyone knows the stereotypical accountant. Accountants are introverted and devoid of humor, they drive practical cars, wear frumpy clothes and enjoy geeky hobbies like stamp collecting. They’re rule followers. The people I work with ...

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Fraud Facts: Yes, even coupons can be subject to fraud

I know someone who has a large basement shelving system loaded with grocery products. She’s an extreme couponer. She accumulates excess amounts of food, and health and beauty products. She donates a lot of it to charities. To her, it’s ...

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Fraud Facts: Taking embezzlement to extreme lengths

I love the Olympic Games. I watch every sport that I can. It’s not just sports and competition. It’s the Olympic spirit of competing for your country against other countries. It’s pride. It’s the difficulty of peaking in your sport ...

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