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Author Archives: Jennifer A. Shoemaker

Civil Litigation: Work from home can bring new issues, but not all bad

Even before COVID-19, the number of employees working from home was steadily rising. Employers who want to stay relevant and keep competitive with their counterparts are almost required to have a work from home policy. In 2019, SmallBizGenius put the ...

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HR Connection: New EEOC pregnancy discrimination guidelines

On July 14, the EEOC issued a 60-page “enforcement guidance” on pregnancy discrimination and related issues in the workplace, giving employers insight on how the EEOC will handle pregnancy-related complaints going forward. The guidance, issued after a 3 to 2 ...

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Civil Litigation: What Labor Law Section 193 amendments mean

New York Labor Law § 193 and New York Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations Title 12, § 195.1 govern employer deductions from employee’s wages. Until now, § 193 generally prohibited employers from making deductions from employees’ wages, with two ...

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