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Author Archives: Jill Paperno

MCBA President’s Message: The Rule of Law, Part II

In January, following the events of Jan. 6, I wrote about the rule of law. For many of us, as lawyers, the rule of law has been on our minds for a while, and certainly since the events of that ...

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MCBA President’s Message: The Rule of Law is crucial to our democracy

Two weeks ago, tragically, people who were incapable of or unwilling to live under the laws we honor laid siege to our Capitol building, terrorizing those within and threatening the peaceful transition of power. An officer trying to protect those ...

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GRAWA President’s Message: My wish list

This is my last column as president of GRAWA. And I’ve been thinking a lot about what we as GRAWA do, and what we still have left to do. During some recent GRAWA events, I’ve participated in discussions about how ...

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