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Author Archives: John Stodder Jr.

The skinny on iPad mini for attorneys

Lawyers reviewing the latest gadget released by Apple — the junior-sized iPad mini — are focusing on its size, shape, weight and usability, elements of what tech-geeks call its “form factor.” The device boasts the same technology and uses as ...

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Commentary: Budgetary warfare on the edge of the ‘fiscal cliff’

The debate over the approaching “fiscal cliff,” the overworked term for the drastic belt-tightening imposed by the federal Budget Control Act of 2011, has misleadingly centered on raising taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of wage-earners. Both Republicans, who favor ...

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Commentary: CEO: Grammar should matter to employers

If an applicant is seeking a job that involves writing prose, it stands to reason that he or she ought to know and obey the rules of grammar. But what about computer programmers? And what about technicians? Little of these ...

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