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Author Archives: Julie Campanini

How best to deal with negative issues at trial

No matter how long they are, trials can seem too short to accomplish every goal. Those who want to defend their character and their company and tell their story so jurors understand the whole picture, never seem to have enough ...

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Commentary: Benefits of post-trial interviews speak for themselves

We jury consultants interview hundreds of jurors after trial to learn specifics about what went down during deliberations, how they reacted to witnesses and evidence, and to find out generally what went wrong and what went right. Because there will ...

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Commentary: Learn to manage your dysfunctional trial team

Like any other team, litigation squads are susceptible to developing dysfunctional patterns, caused mainly by one or two people who disrupt the entire “flow” of the team and often cause a fatal communication breakdown. Many with dysfunctional communication styles can ...

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Commentary: To better gauge damages, get to know your jury

When it comes to analyzing a jury’s determination of damages, everyone has a theory. After all of the expert preparation, conjecture and plain guesses, in the end jurors often decide according to no formula, with the exact number virtually unpredictable. ...

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Commentary: Jury research FAQ&A

Jury research, though gaining in popularity, is still somewhat mysterious to litigators and their clients. In my practice I still encounter misconceptions about the value of jury research, as well as the limitations. Here are answers to some of the ...

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