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Author Archives: Marijoyce Ryan

Money Management: Gender and retirement assets: how men and women differ in managing their assets

Generally speaking, men have larger retirement savings in their 401(k) accounts than women. This is a function of women taking breaks from the workforce due to child rearing, caretaking and wage differences, among other reasons. As such, women often have ...

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Money Management: Investment behaviors to avoid

After enjoying solid investment returns in 2017, investors this year have experienced higher than usual volatility in the stock market and headwinds in the bond market. Rising interest rates and trade tensions have been causing uncertainty in the markets. While ...

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Money Management: Successful stock investing

As we all know, the stock market is currently experiencing a significant bull market. It has been a powerful 8 ½ years with cumulative gains over 300% (including reinvested dividends). Equity investors have been rewarded handsomely for staying invested. Most ...

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Money Management: Know your 401(k) stats

  As we head into the last quarter of the year, I urge all 401(k) participants to review their personal statements with an eye toward a few items: How much are you saving? How are your assets allocated? What is ...

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Money Management: Retirement savings — how are we doing?

After multiple decades of declining traditional pension plans and increased access to 401(k) savings plans, how prepared for retirement is the average American worker? By all accounts, the answer is that we are not very prepared.         ...

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Money Management: The evolution of retirement savings

When Ida May Fuller received the first Social Security check ever issued, check #00-000-001 for $22.54 on Jan. 31, 1940, the average life expectancy was about 62 years. In fact, while the program was just beginning to issue benefit payments, ...

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