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Author Archives: Mary Jo S. Korona

Advocate’s View: The limits of the attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine — the consequences of sharing otherwise privileged communications with outsiders

Mary Jo Korona

With greater frequency, clients expect, request and sometimes insist that non-lawyers, such as public relations firms, participate in in the litigation process. Responding to and managing these client expectations requires that the attorney be well-versed in the ways in which ...

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Advocate’s View: Responding to applications for pre-action disclosure CPLR 3201 (c)

Most discovery skirmishes arise after commencement of an action. On occasion, the battle is waged before an action is commenced, which brings into play CPLR §3201 (c). Pre-action discovery is available to aid in bringing an action, to preserve information ...

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Advocate’s View: The use of social media to learn about jurors and juror misconduct

The availability and lure of social media to quickly find information about individuals involved in the legal system, and in particular prospective or sitting jurors, can overshadow the need to be aware of the ethical considerations imposed by the New ...

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Advocate’s View: Tips on use of the motion in limine in the commercial division

Sometimes described innocuously as a motion to exclude anticipated inadmissible, immaterial or prejudicial evidence, the motion in limine in a commercial case is a valuable strategic tool that can be effective in limiting discovery and explaining and narrowing complicated commercial ...

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Advocate’s View: Mandatory arbitration: Pearl or peril?

Starting and formalizing a business relationship, be it a partnership, limited liability company or closely held corporation, often includes a discussion about an agreement to resolve disputes only by way of arbitration. At the beginning of the business relationship, when ...

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Advocate’s View: Suggestions for successful mediations

No longer is mediation the new strategy on the block; however it continues to be discussed and, in some cases debunked by litigants and their counsel. One might ask, “What reasons underlie the negative reactions to mediation?” In my experience, ...

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Advocate’s View: COA sends long arm jurisdiction to the dogs

The task of construing long arm jurisdiction under CPLR §302 (a)(1)-(4) is enough to send most practitioners to the nearest vending machine for chocolate and soda. The task becomes more mind-numbing where the analysis involves a claim for defamation. In ...

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Advocate’s View: Discordant rhythms in Rules of Professional Conduct

Jazz musicians will tell you that one of the keys to jazz is the polyrhythm, which is the simultaneous occurrence of two or more conflicting rhythms. The outcome can be pure music magic, as evidenced by the many wonderful jazz musicians who have appeared at this year’s Rochester International Jazz Fest.

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Advocate’s View: End-of-year ruminations for litigators

At the risk of dating myself, consider the famous quote from Walt Kelly’s cartoon strip, “Pogo,” in which the character observes: “We have met the enemy and he is us,” in connection with an end of year introspection about the innumerable tasks ...

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