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Author Archives: Nicole Black

Legal Loop: Lawyers and cybersecurity: What are your ethical obligations?

If you’re practicing law in 2019, there’s no escaping technology. One way or another, you’re using technology as part of your day-to-day practice, whether it’s the internet, email, mobile devices or cloud-based legal software. Technology is an unavoidable — and ...

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Legal Loop: Small firm lawyers in 2019: geographic data, earnings, career satisfaction and more

Running a small law firm in 2019 isn’t easy, in part because the legal marketplace is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. 21st-century technologies and globalization are significantly impacting the business of law and continue to disrupt and alter ...

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Legal Loop: Email tracking and lawyers: not a great mix

For most lawyers, email is their primary method of correspondence with clients, courts, opposing counsel and others. Over the years, we’ve become increasingly reliant on email because it’s a fairly simple and cost-effective way to communicate. Of course, as technology ...

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