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Author Archives: Nicole Black

Legal Loop: Top podcasts for lawyers

Podcasts have been around for decades now, but it was only recently that lawyers really began to take notice of them. The “Serial” podcast’s fame helped expand the reach of podcasts, both among the general public and lawyers. Since then, ...

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Legal Loop: Lawyers should be concerned about a new Gmail security issue: here’s how to fix it

 If you’ve been reading my column over the years, you already know that unencrypted email is inherently unsecure and that it’s no different than sending a postcard written in pencil through the post office. Despite this fact, in the mid-1990s, ...

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Legal Loop: U.S. Supreme Court holds expectation of privacy in cell phone geolocation data

Smartphones have become central to the lives of most Americans. We count on our phones to keep us connected to the world. Because our phones handle so many pivotal functions for us, we’ve become increasingly reliant on them. They’ve have ...

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Legal Loop: Pennsylvania court on social media evidence authentication

Social media use is pervasive. People communicate online many times every day. Importantly, those online interactions create digital footprints that can prove to be invaluable — and sometimes detrimental to — litigation. Of course, the somewhat transient and unverifiable nature ...

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Legal Loop: Is law school worth it in 2018?


I recently received an email from someone who was a few years out of college and was considering attending law school. He asked me if I would go to law school again and indicated that he’d received “mixed signals” from ...

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