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Author Archives: Nicole Black

Legal Loop: When technology and law enforcement collide

Law enforcement officers have no problem using the latest and greatest technologies to police the people, whether it’s using facial recognition tools, cellphone geolocation data, or recordings obtained from smartphone technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa. But it seems that when ...

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Legal Loop: Must lawyers use AI in 2019? According to one judge, the answer is “yes”

Many of the lawyers I encounter are intimidated by technology. Rapid technological advancements have left them bewildered, and thus unwilling to even attempt to catch up. For those lawyers, turning a blind eye to technology and practicing law as if ...

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Legal Loop: Louisiana court: online anonymity doesn’t shield lawyers from ethical obligations

Office water coolers used to be gathering places where people discussed current events and caught up on office gossip. But, like many other time-honored traditions, even water-cooler conversations have been affected by technology. Certainly these in-office discussions still occur, but ...

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Legal Loop: Four ways to position your firm for success in 2019

It’s not easy being a lawyer these days. The legal landscape is changing quickly due to increased globalization, competition from non-traditional legal providers, and rapid technological advances. Understanding how these trends impact the practice of law isn’t easy, but it’s ...

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Legal Loop 2018 Holiday Gift Guide For Tech-Savvy Lawyers

Thanksgiving is behind us and, like it or not, we’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got lots of people on your gift-gift-giving list, but choosing the right gift ...

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