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Author Archives: Nicole Black

Legal Loop: LinkedIn has growing value for lawyers

LinkedIn is billed as the “professional” social network, which is why lawyers dipping their toes into social media for the first time often start with LinkedIn. The problem is that as far as social networks go, LinkedIn hasn’t always been ...

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Legal Loop: Texas court on judges using social media

Last week, Rochester criminal defense attorney Gary Muldoon was kind enough to bring to my attention an interesting Texas decision: Youkers v. State, 2013 WL 2077196. This is one of many recent cases addressing the issue of judges using social ...

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Legal Loop: When is social media contact criminal?

The online world is simply an extension of the offline world. So it’s no surprise that people’s behavior on social media sites can result in criminal charges. But the complexity of the relationships and privacy settings on different social media ...

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Book Review: Paperno’s ‘Representing the Accused’ a step-by-step guide for public defenders

In 1996, I stepped into a courtroom as an assistant public defender for the very first time. I had no idea what I was doing. I had only recently been hired by the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office after interning ...

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Legal Loop: Ethics of VLOs and advertising in New York

The legal profession is in a state of flux. New technologies are changing the ways that lawyers advertise and deliver legal services. Internet-based tools, including social media and cloud computing, offer lawyers more choices than ever when it comes to ...

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Legal Loop: Calif. lawyers can operate VLOs in the cloud

With the rapid advancements in technology and a continued ailing economy, it’s no surprise that enterprising lawyers are regularly finding new ways to serve their clients more efficiently and affordably. Of course, innovating in the delivery of legal services can ...

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