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Author Archives: Nicole Black

A travesty of justice

The Duke rape case had the makings of a front-page news story from the very start. The allegations were shocking and the underlying facts were salacious enough to result in the predictable media frenzy that followed. It seemed everyone had ...

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Rebel with a cause, or without a clue≠

Jim Stark: Nobody talks to children. Judy: No, they just tell them. — “Rebel Without a Cause” I’m not sure Joseph Frederick knew what he was getting into when he unfurled a 14-foot banner that stated “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” ...

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Legal Currents

This column, to be featured every Monday, tackles timely issues important to the local legal community.

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Legal Currents: Lock ‘em up and throw away the key≠

As a society, what do we do with violent and predatory sexual offenders≠ Is the civil confinement of sex offenders the answer to this elusive problem≠ Truth be told, I find myself pulled in two directions on this issue. On ...

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At A Glance: Decisions From The Court Of Appeals

The following is a brief summary of recent rulings from the New York State Court of Appeals: Separate Index Numbers For All Proceedings In Harris v. Niagara Fall Bd. of Educ., 2006 NY Slip Op 01113, the Court of Appeals ...

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