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Author Archives: Pat Murphy

Fabricated quotations may be defamatory

A plaintiff could pursue a defamation claim based on an allegation that the defendant falsely attributed a disreputable quote to him, the Virginia Supreme Court has ruled in reversing a dismissal. The plaintiff and the defendant are construction contractors who ...

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Court: Employee allowed to be late to work

A federal court decided yesterday that an employer may have violated federal discrimination law for having the audacity to require an employee to show up for work on time. I guess next we’ll learn that it’s illegal to force an ...

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Lawyer faces liability for defamatory words

A lawyer did not enjoy absolute immunity from liability for allegedly defamatory statements made during interviews of witnesses for a client’s case, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled in reversing judgment. The lawyer represented a client sued for defaming a ...

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Recusal unnecessary, ethics committee rules

A judge was not automatically required to recuse himself based on his prior consultation with an attorney who appeared as counsel in the case presently before him, the Florida Supreme Court’s judicial ethics committee has concluded in an advisory opinion. ...

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Cop can sue for distress caused by spit in Whopper

A police officer may recover damages for emotional distress allegedly caused by the discovery of phlegm in a Whopper served at a Burger King restaurant, the Washington Supreme Court has ruled in answering a certified question from the 9th U.S. ...

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Bally may be liable for club member’s death

A health club may be liable for failing to render adequate emergency assistance to a member who collapsed from a heart attack, New York’s highest court has ruled in reversing a dismissal. The plaintiff’s father collapsed near the racquetball courts ...

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