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Author Archives: Pat Murphy

Court nixes .com name change sought by activist

The name “Robert Edward Forchion Jr.” sounds like a perfectly good name. In fact, it sounds mighty impressive. Why, someone may be tempted to invest in pork-belly futures with someone named Robert Edward Forchion Jr.

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Condo buyers can revoke contracts

Purchasers of condominium units may be entitled to revoke their contracts under a federal law requiring “full disclosure” by real estate developers, the Second Circuit ruled in reversing a dismissal, Bodansky v. Fifth on the Park Condo LLC, no. 10-0720-cv. (March 15).

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Paychex not liable for office manager’s theft

Do you trust your office manager? One Rhode Island ophthalmologist did and now finds himself short $233,000. Doctor William J. Andreoni is the sole owner of Ophthalmic Surgeons Ltd. in Johnston, Rhode Island.

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Commentary: Personal injury plaintiff forced to waste jury strike

Here’s a tough court decision for me to get a handle on. How is it that a personal injury plaintiff could get a new trial merely because his lawyer was forced to use a peremptory challenge after the trial judge mistakenly refused to boot a juror for cause?

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