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A Different Kind Of 'Mini-Bar'

To help get over the winter blahs, here’s a quiz on matrimonial and family law that can help you kill some time as you are waiting for your case to be called. 1. In an unusual time requirement, the Family ...

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Distribution Of Property In A Divorce

Matrimonial practitioners in New York are so attuned to the application of equitable distribution in divorce cases that we often simply refer to it as “236B.” Despite the fact that Section 236B of the Domestic Relations Law (DRL) involves much ...

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New York's Restriction On Remarriage

For many years, most American jurisdictions put restrictions on parties to a divorce entering into marriage with other people. There seems to be at least two reasons for these restrictions, one practical and one moral. The practical reason is that ...

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Examining 'The Case Of The Lying Client'

Ethics opinions are like insurance coverage. You usually don’t think about the particulars until something has happened. By that time, of course, it may be too late. The ethics opinion discussed below involves one of stickiest situations faced by matrimonial ...

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A Look At The Indian Child Welfare Act

Although family law practitioners are often involved with child custody and related issues, many of us are essentially unaware of a law, ignorance of which could result in serious consequences. This law is the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 ...

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Some New York Appellate Cases Of Interest

What follows are synopses of some interesting recent New York Appellate Court decisions on certain issues of matrimonial and family law. Adoption/Parental Rights Matter of Carolyn B., 6 AD3d 67 (Fourth Dept. 2004). The court held that two unmarried adults ...

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