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Author Archives: Scott Forsyth

Is Kentucky’s ban on abortion method doomed?

According to Wikipedia, Kentucky is known for horse racing, bourbon distilleries, moonshine, college basketball and KFC. To the list should be added laws that limit access to abortion. The state tried to force doctors to conduct an ultrasound before an ...

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Commentary: White House staff get to have opinions, too

President Trump is bedeviled by leaks. He tweets they are “illegal” and wants the persons making them prosecuted. All of his bluster has not stemmed the flow of information from anonymous sources. In this respect his administration is no different ...

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Is it constitutional to lock up asylum-seekers indefinitely?

Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford, a federal district court judge for our area, has received favorable publicity in the past four months. In two decisions she criticized ICE for the way it treated asylum-seekers detained at the Buffalo Detention Facility in ...

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When an immigration stop is not an immigration stop

You see the green and white vehicles of the Border Patrol cruising the roads of Monroe County and the adjacent counties. What you may not know is that the Border Patrol believes it has the authority to stop any vehicle ...

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Are debtors’ prisons returning?

Consider this question. Your neighbor is dirt poor. He is on probation. As part of his sentence he must pay a fine in installments. He makes the first installment and then loses his job. He cannot pay the next installments ...

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Immigrant minor obtains abortion over the resistance of DHHS

A decision based on a “radical” “new right for unlawful immigrant minors” “to obtain immediate abortion on demand” or one that honored the exercise of “an unquestioned constitutional right to choose a pre-viability abortion.” Such were the diametrically opposed viewpoints ...

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