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Calif. court officials blame software for wrongful arrests

Wrongful arrests, delayed prison releases and other legal mishaps have been caused by inaccurate records processed by a new court management software system installed in Alameda County, California, court officials say. It’s gotten so bad that the public defender’s office ...

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Decades after Lockerbie, former pilots seek money

The shock waves from a terrorist attack often spread widely, to include not only the immediate victims of a bombing or shooting, but to their families, the area of the attack and the businesses affected by it. In the case ...

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Climate lawsuit filed by young people is gaining traction

A few weeks ago, a federal judge in Oregon made headlines when she ruled that a groundbreaking climate lawsuit will proceed to trial. And some experts say its outcome could rewrite the future of climate policy in the United States. ...

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CEO pay disclosure rules could change with new administration

  Last year, candidate Donald Trump called the “enormous amounts of money” CEOs make “disgraceful” and “a total and complete joke.” But what will president-elect Trump do about the executive pay regulations in the Dodd-Frank legislation he promised to repeal ...

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