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Hurray for John Oliver

Every couple of years or so, I feel the need to whine about the plight of newspapers. It’s August. I’m Trumped out. So today’s the day. Except that HBO’s John Oliver beat me to it with the best defense of ...

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If it weren’t for those meddling kids

Every time I hear a politician claiming their problems are due to the liberal, dishonest or sensationalistic media, it sounds like “Scooby Doo” villains bemoaning the fact that they didn’t get away with their silly scheme because of “those meddling ...

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Get busy in August

August is a great time to do lots of things that might have been sliding throughout the year. In a perfect world, nothing would slide in any month of the year. But the reality for many overworked lawyers is that ...

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Feeling afraid trumps something to fear

The Trump campaign is exploiting crime and fear. Trump’s campaign is not the first presidential campaign to do so, but to understand what’s different about the Trump campaign requires first understanding the history of crime and politics. In 1964, Barry ...

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