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GOP now sees Sanders as its only hope

Desperate for a savior and envious of his appeal to young voters, Republican Party leaders now see Bernie Sanders as their best and perhaps last chance at sidelining Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary and defeating Hillary Clinton in ...

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A global embarrassment

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz brought to Wisconsin a Republican presidential primary fight that was, at once, ugly and devoid of meaningful options for responsible voters. As they took each other apart in campaign stops from Superior to Kenosha, Trump ...

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The nuclear genie and averting Armageddon

4 Arthur I. Cyr 040416

The Nuclear Summit in Washington, D.C. concluded April 1 with a formal statement underscoring nuclear weapons control. These are particularly horrific weapons of mass destruction. Press commentary dismissing the exercise as just another diplomats’ talkfest is misleading. The meeting called ...

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Freedom fighters

By Adina Genn A woman facing religious persecution is now freely following her faith on Long Island thanks to the efforts of students at Maurice A. Deane School of Law Asylum Clinic in Hempstead. This life-saving case, which was resolved ...

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The many beliefs of Donald Trump

Many pundits are saying this was a horrible week for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. I have to disagree. They say the fact that Trump literally took five completely different positions on the politics of abortion in 48 hours shows that ...

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Commentary: On the Wisconsin primary

Democratic presidential contender Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont delivered a rousing campaign address at Carthage College in Kenosha on March 30, underscoring both his radical reform message, and the importance of the upcoming Wisconsin primary on April 5. The candidate ...

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