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Keeping Your Balance: Fraud risk factors include ‘The Fraud Triangle’ and behavioral red flags

Michael DeBadts

As the world evolves there are more controls to help monitor assets and activities within organizations than ever before; there are also new threats and opportunities to commit fraud that weren’t even a thought 20 years ago. What is truly ...

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The Inclusive Office: Representations of diversity in media are problematic, and that causes real problems


In the limited run of “The Inclusive Office,” I’ve already twice encouraged consuming diverse media — watching TV and movies made by and starring people different from you, listening to podcasts hosted by people different from you, reading fiction made ...

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Workplace Issues: Notice of plaintiff’s impairment not enough to trigger the interactive process


The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals holds that absent a formal reasonable accommodation request, an employer is not always expected to assume that a disabled employee needs workplace accommodation under the Rehabilitation Act. This is the first time the Court ...

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Real Estate Law: Technology allows counties to open express lane to faster real estate transactions

Sarah Pellerin

Faster, easier and cost-effective — those are the promises that technology makes in both our personal and our professional lives. In the realm of commercial real estate transactions, the promise of faster, easier and cost-effective would appeal to all parties, ...

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Civil Litigation: When is a deal a deal?

Thomas Knab

A construction company submitted a bid to serve as the general contractor for a public/private historic redevelopment project. After being told by the developer that it was the successful bidder, over the next several months the construction company participated in ...

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Environmental Law: Cuomo, electric generation siting board push expedited revisions to siting regulations

George S. Van Nest

In conjunction with his proposed budget in January 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that there is a need to revise and expedite siting regulations for electric generation facilities under Article 10 of the Public Service Law (PSL). In particular, the ...

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Cybersecurity trends and prevention advice for law firms

I’ve been focused on—and have written about—cybersecurity risks faced by lawyers quite a bit in recent months. There’s a reason for this: law firms are increasingly being targeted by malicious actors and are falling victim to a variety of different ...

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