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Pro Bono Spotlight: Partnership is our strength

This was the theme for the 2022 NYSBA Partnership Conference that was held in person for the first time since the pandemic. In two days, more than 400 attorneys benefited from guidance regarding 21 programs covering critical areas of law ...

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Commentary: NY school districts required to replace Native American mascots or obtain tribe approval

Amanda L. Lowe

The New York State Education Department recently issued a letter stating that public school districts must “affirmatively commit to replacing [their] Native American team name[s], logo[s], and/or imagery by the end of the 2022-23 school year” unless they obtain approval ...

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IP Frontiers: Supreme Court to determine extraterritorial reach of Lanham Act

Business is becoming an increasingly global venture. With that, American businesses with trademarks in the global marketplace would be adept to enforce their intellectual property rights against infringement around the world. In recent years, many foreign companies have been taking ...

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Top technology gifts for lawyers in 2022

Thanksgiving is behind us, and the days are growing shorter. You know what that means! Time is running out, and if you haven’t already started your holiday shopping, you’d better get started. If you aren’t sure what to get the ...

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Commentary: Justice for domestic violence survivors

Studies show that a shocking “9 out of 10 incarcerated women have experienced severe physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes; 6 out of 10 experienced serious physical or sexual violence during childhood; 75% suffered severe physical violence by an ...

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Matrimonial Matters: Pet custody now in NY law

The award of companion animals in a divorce has been an issue for several years. In 2015, the New York Senate and General Assembly passed a law addressing this subject, but the measure did not get to the governor’s desk ...

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Pennsylvania provides further guidance on secure client communication

Are you still using email to communicate with your clients about confidential matters? If so, you might want to re-think that approach. Because when it comes to secure communication, the tide is most decidedly turning. For many years there were ...

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Commentary: Navigating different obligations of next year’s state privacy statutes

Businesses have a limited amount of time remaining to prepare for various comprehensive privacy laws that will take effect next year. Five states have comprehensive privacy laws that will take effect: California (update to existing law), Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut and ...

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IP Frontiers: How to expedite a patent application

Generally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) takes about 24 months to make a final decision on the approval of a patent application. Much of this time is due to the long queue that an application must get ...

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