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Tribute to my mentor, Edward Z. Menkin

Last month, when Ed Menkin died, the world lost a wonderful man. He was a loving father and devoted husband, a fantastic and renowned criminal defense attorney who fought zealously for his clients, and a mentor — my mentor. No ...

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Civil Litigation: The Ever-So-Handy Handbook

By law, employers are required to provide employees with an ever-increasing amount of information, policies, notices, and acknowledgments throughout their employment. In New York these include but are not limited to a sexual harassment prevention policy, pay notices, airborne infectious ...

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Your Counsel: Unlawful retaliation in the workplace

Steven V. Modica

Lawyers tend to limit their practice to a few areas. Nonetheless, people come to us with myriad problems — many of which fall outside our expertise. Through this column, we provide practical information to help you assist those who have ...

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Commentary: How overturning Roe v. Wade will impact parenting rights

In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that a constitutional right to privacy exists, based on decades of precedent going back to 1891. The Court specifically references the right to privacy as having roots in the First, ...

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Advocate’s View: Living with the Construction Wage Theft Law

It’s now the law in New York. Construction contractors may be sued, for up to three years, for the unpaid wages and benefits of their subcontractors’ employees, including liquidated damages and attorney fees. That includes subcontractors of any tier, and ...

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Which do you prefer: In-person or remote CLEs?

The MCBA held its annual CPLR update with Burt Lipshie this past week. While we were very happy to have 50+ attendees, we were surprised to see that only 4 people — including the presenter and the seminar chair — ...

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White Collar Corner: Reducing risks associated with joint defense agreements

Joint defense agreements (“JDA”) are an attractive option where multiple defendants face the same allegations. But what happens when one party to a JDA abandons the agreement and cooperates with the government? While the risk is always present, thoughtful drafting ...

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Matrimonial Matters: Fourth Department rejects child support offsets

In a recent Decision, the Fourth Department Appellate Division addressed an issue that has been lurking around child support calculations for many years. Livingston Co. Support Collection Unit o/b/o Yusko v. Sansocie, 180 CAF 21-01261 (4th Dept., 2022). That is, ...

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