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Civil Litigation: Hindsight is 2020 — Workplace litigation during the pandemic

Stephanie B. Hoffmann

Employers were hit hard in 2020, not only with government-mandated closings and the growing risk of infection, but also with the heightened potential for employment law violations. New state and federal protections were implemented for workers impacted by COVID-19, with ...

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MCBA President’s Message: The Rule of Law is crucial to our democracy

Jill Paperno (Photo by Bennett Loudon)

Two weeks ago, tragically, people who were incapable of or unwilling to live under the laws we honor laid siege to our Capitol building, terrorizing those within and threatening the peaceful transition of power. An officer trying to protect those ...

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ABA offers ethical guidance on responding to negative online reviews


Now that we live in a digital world, online reviews are becoming increasingly useful tools for consumers. Using these reviews, consumers are able to make more informed decisions when making purchasing decisions about products or services. Online reviews are great ...

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Matrimonial Matters: Court of Appeals rules on adult adoption issue


In November 2020, the Court of Appeals addressed the issue of whether an adoption of “an adult woman with a significant developmental disability” was precluded because the woman “did not have the capacity to give her consent.” Matter of Marian ...

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Reflections on leaving the bench

Thomas “Toby” Reh

After eight years as Victor Town Justice, I’ve retired from that position after deciding back in March that I would not run again for another term that would have begun on Jan. 1. I’m writing to share my perspective on ...

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IP Frontiers: Reimagining the future of New York’s courts

David Miranda

This column typically discusses legal topics related to technology, but this month we look at how technology relates to the law, specifically our court system. In the midst of a pandemic, our world in lockdown, lawyers are learning to navigate ...

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Three New Year’s resolutions for lawyers


We’ve finally left 2020 behind and are looking forward to a new year — and hopefully a much less turbulent one! Of course, no matter what the year brings, one thing is certain: times will continue to be uncertain until ...

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Your Counsel: COVID-19, OSHA and whistleblower complaints

Steven Modica

Lawyers tend to limit their practice to a few areas. Nonetheless, people come to us with myriad problems — many of which fall outside our expertise. Through this column, we provide practical information to help you assist those who have ...

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Commentary: The importance of mediation as part of the litigation process

Jon P. Getz

As we begin 2021, our profession continues to work hard and do our best to resolve the legal issues and problems for our clients during “interesting” times. The understandable delays in moving cases forward has caused concern for many attorneys ...

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Real Estate Law: Why developers shouldn’t put construction contract on the back burner

Ninteretse Jean Pierre

For a lot of property owners and developers, the construction contract is one of the last documents in the overall development transaction they typically negotiate, with negotiation of acquisition and financing documents taking priority over everything else. This is understandable ...

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The Inclusive Office: What The Legal Aid Society of Rochester, N.Y. taught me


As George Washington, via Lin-Manuel Miranda, eloquently proclaimed, “I wanna talk about what I have learned — the hard-won wisdom I have earned.” Come January, I will be taking a position outside of traditional practice after spending the last almost ...

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Commentary: New York State Power of Attorney changes coming June 15

Don H. Twietmeyer

On Dec. 15, a new law was enacted which completely overhauled the existing New York Power of Attorney statute that has been in place since 2009. As most of our estate planning clients have known over the past decade, the ...

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