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Purchasing A New Notebook Computer

If your firm purchases your computer equipment without your input and from unlimited funds, ignore this column. If you participate in the equipment selection, have a limited funding allocation or pay for your computers yourself, this column is for you. ...

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End Of Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines

Unless you were recently out of the country, you have likely heard the scuttlebutt about the U.S. Supreme Court’s Jan. 12 decision concerning the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (guidelines). In United States v. Booker,1 the Supreme Court held, among other things, ...

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Credit Spread Risk And Your Portfolio

There are several risks universally associated with investments in fixed-income securities. Some of these risks include default risk, liquidity risk, reinvestment risk and interest rate risk. For U.S. Treasury securities, however, the market considers these fixed-income securities to be free ...

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