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A Look At Recent IRS Proposals And Rulings

Applicable Federal Interest Rates for February – (Revenue Ruling 2005-8) – In Revenue Ruling 2005-8, the Internal Revenue Service provided the applicable federal interest rates and adjusted applicable rates for the month of February. Below is a table of those ...

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Awarding Child Custody To A Nonparent

With Bennett v. Jeffreys in 1976, the New York Court of Appeals established that: “[N]either decisional rule nor statute can displace a fit parent because someone else could do a ‘better job’ of raising the child …, so long as ...

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Four Common Ratios Give Tax Information

Financial statements can serve as an early warning signal to business problems or opportunities that need your attention. Learn how to calculate and use key financial ratios to compare the month-to-month and year-to-year changes in your company’s performance. All businesses, ...

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It's Alternative Minimum Tax Time Again

Tax season is upon us again. For many, it will be alternative minimum tax time. The alternative minimum tax was originally designed to target wealthy individuals with creative tax preparers. Yet the statistics show it applies to more and more ...

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