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Rewrite Of The Telecommunications Act Of 1996

The importance of communications technologies and service offerings has continued to rise in the collective consciousness of those who monitor business patterns, trends, as well as successes and failures. Not surprisingly then, the current buzz about the rewrite of the ...

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How To Prevent A Partnership Failure

Just as marriages don’t always work out, there is no guarantee that a business partnership will be successful. Before you enter into a partnership, here are some questions you should ask yourself. Why do I want a partner≠ Maybe there ...

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A Review Of Divorce Calculation Software

Difficult as it might be for those of us who don’t practice in the field to believe, matrimonial (or family or divorce) lawyers, really need software, too. Of course, to the extent that divorce is essentially litigation, the matrimonial lawyers ...

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Presidents' Tax Returns Available Online

Most taxpayers derive some comfort from the knowledge that their individual income tax returns are considered private information, and that even the Internal Revenue Service is barred from releasing this information to anyone other than authorized agencies and individuals. Nonetheless, ...

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CPLR 4502(b): The Spousal Privilege

The fostering of uninhibited communications between spouses so as to promote domestic peace is at the heart of the spousal privilege. However, this troublesome privilege is not inviolate and not all communications between spouses are, or should be, immune from ...

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