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Portfolio Diversification – Fiduciaries' Goal

All investors read and hear about the importance of diversification. To many, the concept is difficult to completely understand. Retirement plan fiduciaries are duty-bound to diversify plan assets to minimize losses. Diversification simply means that you don’t concentrate your investments ...

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A Look At Recent IRS Rulings And Notices

Interest Rates For April – (Revenue Ruling 2005-23) – In Revenue Ruling 2005-23 the Internal Revenue Service provided the applicable federal interest rates and adjusted applicable federal rates for April. Below is a table of those rates. Annual Annual Applicable ...

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Same-Sex Marriage: 'Hernandez v. Robles'

Recently, a decision issued by a New York Supreme Court gained nation media attention. In Hernandez v. Robles, Judge Doris Ling-Cohen of the New York County Supreme Court held that New York Domestic Relations Law violates the State Constitution and ...

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Revisiting TIPS-Related Investment Issues

One year ago, I wrote an article for this publication that discussed Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). TIPS are so important because they provide the best protection against inflation among the universe of fixed-income securities. TIPS, however, are not perfect. In ...

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Tax Breaks For Supporting Older Relatives

If you helped support your parents or other adult relatives in 2004, check out the tax breaks that could lower your taxes. Possible benefits include claiming your relative as a dependent, generating extra medical deductions and being taxed at lower ...

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