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A Look At Investment Strategies For 2005

Advice as to how to invest is often more important than relative investment performance. According to Ibbotson Associates, over 90 percent of an investor’s total return is a result of asset allocation decisions with security selection and timing accounting for ...

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A Look At The Downside Of The Dow

On May 26, 1896, Charles H. Dow unveiled his industrial stock average. Dow wanted to make sense of the confusing daily jumble of up and down stock prices. “The Dow,” as it is now commonly referred to, only consisted of ...

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Too Much Of A Good Thing Brings Penalties

If a $3,000 contribution to your individual retirement account (IRA) is good tax and retirement planning, then $4,000 should be even better, right≠ Sure, if you enjoy paying penalties. Each year, your combined contributions to all IRAs cannot exceed $3,000, ...

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