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US will drive global growth in 2015

WASHINGTON — The United States is back, and ready to drive global growth in 2015. After long struggling to claw its way out of the Great Recession, the world’s biggest economy is on an extended win streak that is edging ...

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Bank of Japan redoubles efforts to revive economy

TOKYO — Japan’s central bank surprised the financial world and pleased investors Friday by intensifying its purchases of government bonds and other assets to try to revive a chronically anemic economy. The Bank of Japan’s move to pump trillions more ...

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How well did the Fed’s stimulus work?

A money trader watches the monitor under a currency board updating real time Japanese yen rate against U.S. dollar at a foreign exchange brokerage in Tokyo, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014. Economists have plenty of quibbles, but many agree that the Federal Reserve accomplished the bulk of its goals with its bond-buying program, known as quantitative easing, or QE. The dollar has actually held up against most major currencies, as the euro and Japanese yen have slumped. Credit: AP Images

NEW YORK — Soaring inflation. A collapsing dollar. Bubbles in financial markets that would soon pop. One presidential candidate even suggested that the Federal Reserve chairman should be roughed up. Over the past five years, as the Fed has pumped ...

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For varying groups, market frenzy may help or hurt

WASHINGTON — The turbulence that’s roiling financial markets is punishing stock investors, raising worries for major U.S. companies and will likely produce even punier returns for savers. Yet some Americans actually stand to benefit from the forces that are driving ...

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NY factory growth slowest in 6 mos.

WASHINGTON (AP) — New York manufacturers are growing at the slowest pace in six months as new orders shrink and shipments barely rise. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Wednesday that its Empire State Manufacturing index dropped to ...

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US wealth gap putting the squeeze on state revenue

WASHINGTON — Income inequality is taking a toll on state governments. The widening gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else has been matched by a slowdown in state tax revenue, according to a report released Monday by Standard & ...

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Banks, processors bet on microchips

The biggest bet on chips these days isn’t at the casino. Amid concerns over the ease with which credit and debit cards can be counterfeited, banks, retailers and firms that process transactions are shifting to newer, more costly cards with ...

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Small businesses see revenue gains, hire workers


NEW YORK — The long-awaited surge in hiring at small businesses appears to be underway. Owners who resisted hiring after the recession are taking on workers to keep up with rising demand for products and services. Companies began stepping up ...

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State governments may be expanding the wealth gap


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Lawmakers in many states have been trying to boost their post-recession economies by cutting income taxes, curbing aid to the long-term jobless or holding down the minimum wage. Some have pursued all of these steps. Whether ...

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