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Dec 23, 2021

Careful planning can help create an enjoyable retirement

The key to a successful retirement consists of two components: does one have enough money to sleep at night; and does one have a reason to get up in the morning.

Aug 20, 2021

Affordable housing likely to become a more attractive investment

Proposed legislation, a late-2020 law change and a possible bump in the corporate tax rate all should turn out to be beneficial for the affordable housing industry as objectives of the Biden administration play out. When the federal corporate tax rate climbs, investment options such as Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) become more attractive. “Higher […]

Jun 2, 2021

State AG wants Kodak boss to testify about stock buy

New York state Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday petitioned the court to force Eastman Kodak Co. CEO Jim Continenza to publicly testify about his stock purchase last year ahead of the federal government’s announcement that Kodak was in line to receive a $655 million loan to build its chemical business. According to James, “Continenza made the […]

Jun 23, 2017

Madoff clients fighting for fortunes get help – from the con man

Dozens of Bernard Madoff’s early investors are getting help from an unlikely source in a fight to keep their profits: the con man himself. From his federal lockup in Butner, North Carolina, Madoff said at a recent deposition he was a legitimate securities broker for decades, until 1992. Before that, he said, he was mostly […]

Feb 8, 2016

Hoping to beat the market, investors try a new breed of index funds

Don’t try to beat the market. The adage got pounded for years into investors, and many began to live by it. After seeing so many investments fail to keep up with the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, investors put their money instead into low-cost index funds. They were happy to get returns that were the […]

Nov 2, 2015

SEC opens door to startup investing for all

A new form of crowdfunding is coming soon that will allow startups to raise money by selling stock to Main Street investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday adopted rules implementing a 2012 law that opened the door to securities crowdfunding. The vote was 3-1 at a public meeting. For years, artists, charities and […]

Oct 30, 2015

US stocks slip on earnings, slow growth

NEW YORK — Stocks are slightly lower in afternoon trading after the U.S. said economic growth slowed more than expected in the summer. Earnings reports came in mixed, with companies including Buffalo Wild Wings and camera maker GoPro plunging after weak results. THE SCORE: Stocks have been lower all day, but they’ve held onto most […]

Sep 15, 2015

As Fed meets, decision on rate hike seems like toss-up

Will they or won’t they? Nine years after they last raised their benchmark interest rate and after months of feverish speculation, Federal Reserve policymakers this week may finally raise that rate from a record low near zero. Unless they don’t. Financial markets have been zigzagging with anxiety as investors have tried to divine whether the […]

Aug 14, 2015

In a slow-growth world, technology stocks are trending again

NEW YORK — Technology stocks are trending big-time as investors latch on to innovative companies racing ahead in a slow-growth world. The tech-heavy Nasdaq is the best performing major U.S. stock index this year, gaining 6 percent as the Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial averages have wavered between small gains and […]

Aug 14, 2015

Workers buying businesses from boomer bosses

NEW YORK — As retiring baby boomers look to sell the small businesses they have run for years, top employees are often becoming the boss. The new owners are likely to be general managers, chief operating officers or foremen who have worked for the company for many years and have the savvy to run the […]

Aug 11, 2015

9 charged with making $100M using hacked press releases

  NEWARK, N.J. — An international web of hackers and traders was charged by U.S. authorities Tuesday with making $100 million by breaking into the computers of business newswire services, reading corporate press releases before they came out, and then trading on that information ahead of the pack on Wall Street. Federal authorities said it […]

Aug 17, 2014

Why global turmoil hasn’t sunk US markets, yet

NEW YORK — Europe appears on the brink of another recession. Islamic militants have seized Iraqi territory. Russian troops have massed on the Ukraine border, and the resulting sanctions are disrupting trade. An Ebola outbreak in Africa and Israel’s war in Gaza are contributing to the gloom. It’s been a grim summer in much of […]

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