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Commentary: Ignore the attacks — Gorsuch an intellectual giant and a good man

Although there were notable exceptions, Donald Trump famously lost the conservative intelligentsia — and went on to do quite well electorally without us. But conservative scholars will, I predict, be virtually unanimous in their praise of the president’s choice of ...

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Neil Gorsuch, Antonin Scalia and originalism, explained

Perhaps the biggest reason Republicans love Neil Gorsuch’s selection as President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee — apart from his age — is the fact that he’s a demonstrated originalist. Among conservatives, that’s basically code for “not an activist judge.” ...

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Antonin Scalia opera to be discussed at TEDx conference

NEW YORK — Most speakers at large conferences hope they have something topical to add when it’s their turn to talk. Derrick Wang has nothing to worry about. The composer, lyricist and librettist behind the comic opera “Scalia/Ginsburg” finds himself ...

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Who Obama might nominate

WASHINGTON — Republicans are near-unanimous in demanding that President Barack Obama leave it to his successor to nominate a candidate to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. But the president insists he plans to come forward ...

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