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Apple denies iPhones store user location

NEW YORK CITY — Apple Inc. denied Wednesday that iPhones store a record of their users' movements for up to a year and blamed privacy concerns partly on a misunderstanding. A data file publicized by security researchers last week doesn't store users' locations ...

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Apple slammed over iPhone, iPad location tracking

SAN FRANCISCO — Privacy watchdogs are demanding answers from Apple Inc. about why iPhones and iPads are secretly collecting location data on users — records that cellular service providers routinely keep but require a court order to disgorge.

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Nasdaq OMX to rebalance index

NEW YORK CITY — Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. on Tuesday announced a rebalancing of the Nasdaq-100 Index next month that will significantly reduce Apple Inc.’s weighting in the index.

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Apple readying 6 million Verizon iPhones

(Dolan Media Newswires) — Apple has raised the bar on the number of iPhones it expects to ship in the first quarter of 2011, indicating an imminent release of the popular smart phone on Verizon Wireless, DigiTimes reports.

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Network glitch limits iPhone 4 uploads

NEW YORK CITY — In the latest snag for the iPhone 4, AT&T Inc. said Wednesday that a software defect in its network is limiting data uploads from the phone in some areas.

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iPad’s day in court

Apple’s tablet computer hasn’t even been on the market a month, but a few lawyers are already putting it through its paces. Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds, the iPad has lawyers raving ...

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